Christ Covenant Church E-Announcements for Thursday, 10/10/2019

Christ Covenant Church E-Announcements for Thursday, 10/10/2019

This Sunday:

This Sunday  Pastor Ken will be preaching on: “Eucharistic Living”, Luke 17: 11-19


Working with the Lead Pastor to choose songs for worship each Sunday—blending both contemporary and more traditional songs.  Leading and coordinating the accompaniment of songs with other musicians in the congregation, including the Youth Band.  Lead and coordinate the audio and visual portions of the Sunday Service. For more details contact Pastor Ken at:



Lace up your Converse All Stars and come connect with old friends while making some new ones! Christ Covenant Church invites you to a fall outreach event at Madison Meadows in Lombard on Saturday, October 19th where we’ll be enjoying the park’s gazebo for lunch as well as basketball and flag football (for the older kids, youth, and adults) and for the younger kids, exciting short-distance races will begin at 11:15 sharp followed by fun crafts and activities.  Since this is an outreach, seize the opportunity and think about your friends, neighbors and others you can invite and ask your kids to do the same.  Plan to arrive at 11:00 am to claim your goodie bag while supplies last, join in the group stretch, and enter for a chance to win a Target giftcard.  Outdoor games not your thing?  Enjoy hot cocoa and fellowship in the beautiful park alongside friends from New Hope Community Church of Villa Park, as well.  Depending on the weather, activities will end between 1:30 and 2:00. Please respond to the Evite or rsvp to  Your attendance will help make this an awesome event!  The park is located on Madison Street in Lombard, near Ahrens Avenue.


Carol Kwak would like to extend an indefinite open invitation for as long as people are interested to have brunch/lunch at Wheaton College, where she teaches, after service each Sunday. The all you can eat buffet at the Wheaton cafeteria is fabulous and has been rated as a top cafeteria for over 15 years. There’s something for everyone and tons of variety!  Carol has a discounted group price for groups of 10-12 people or more.  Wear your stretchy pants! 🙂 Nobody leaves hungry when there is a salad bar, soup bar, desserts, 4-5 main entrees, sides, cereal bar, deli bar, drinks, ice cream machine with toppings, gluten free bar and more…..all at a discounted price of $8 per adult with 10-12 people or more.  What a deal and it is great tasting food!  


It’s that time of year again! The Missions Team is collecting monetary donations to send Amazon gift cards to each of our missionary families this Christmas. If you wish to contribute, place a check with “Missionary Christmas gift” written on the memo line into the offering. If you want your donation to go to a specific family, please indicate that as well. Donations will be accepted through Sunday, 10/27. Thank you!


Pastor Ken will be on vacation from October 14th through October 28th. Guest Speakers will be Sam Chang on October 20th and Greg Jao on October 27th.


CCC Small Groups are beginning their new season!  Small groups are a wonderful tool for discipleship, fellowship, and growth.  If you are interested in joining a small group, please contact one of the small group leaders: Ben Ashworth at, Glenn Der at, Mayling Wong-Squires at, or Jen Tom at


Have you ever had a fill-in-the-blank for this sentence?  I always thought it would be neat if our church ______.  Or, I would really love to help our church start  _____ in the community.  If you have a dream or idea to bless our local community, please consider starting a conversation with Stacy, the church’s new Outreach Coordinator.  We could host a Saturday morning soccer camp, Sunday morning pancake breakfast, after-school dance party, and so much more.  We are collecting ideas and feedback and would love to hear how God may be moving in your heart to support the outreach ministry or help create a new ministry event.  Stacy can be reached at:


Upcoming workshop!  “Human Sexuality and the Church:  Responding to the LGBTQ+ Movement.”  Come join us on Saturday, October 12th, from 10am to 2pm, at church, for a workshop on this important topic.  We will have a panel of four leading the workshop:  Stewart and Bonnie Pattison, Greg Jao, and myself.  A lite lunch will be provided (freewill donation), as well as child care.  Please let Pastor Ken know if you plan on attending, as we will need to know how much food to provide.  Hope to see you there!


There will be a benefit performance for Love Inc on Saturday, November 2nd, at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church in Elmhurst (149 W. Brush Hill Rd, Elmhurst), starting at 4:30.  It will be dinner and a show.  The evenings theme is “The Magic of Love,” featuring illusionist David Ranalli. Adults:  $30, Children under 12:  $10.00.  Call LOVE INC for tickets (630 512 8673). There will also be a silent auction.  Speaking of which:  we are looking for donations (products or services) for the silent auction.  Please see Pastor Ken if you would have any donations.  Thank you!


Membership classes are scheduled for Saturday, November 23rd, and Saturday, December 7th.  Why membership?  While the membership classes will go into a more detailed answer, we can say this:  First, all who are in Christ belong to the larger Body of Christ.  This is the “universal body.”  It remains for us to be a part of a ‘local body”—a local church.  Membership reflects a deeper commitment to this particular body—in good times and difficult times.  Membership allows for a greater voice and participation in the local body.  Only members are permitted to vote on matters important to our local congregation.  Only members can serve on the Leadership Community—the group of church leaders which seeks to discern God’s will for Christ Covenant Church and which seeks to follow through from discernment to action.  Membership contributes not only to our local body, it contributes to our local conference and our national body, as well.  Members are invited to participate in the decision-making process of our Central Conference by being a delegate to its annual meeting.  As well, members may participate in the decision-making process of the larger Evangelical Covenant Church by being an elected delegate to the national annual meeting.  The annual meeting of The ECC is our highest governing authority.  The number of delegates we are permitted to send to both of these annual meetings depends on the number of official members we have as a congregation. Prayerfully consider membership at Christ Covenant Church! Please see Pastor Ken if you are interested in joining the classes.


Submit prayer requests to Pastor Ken or to the office

  • Prayer for the Jao’s:…Friends, some requests for the month ahead as I travel: Oct 3-5 (Chicago for Langham Partnership’s Board Meetings). Praise for:…Grateful for the privilege to be at the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students World Assembly in South Africa. Learned so much from the leaders of over 160 nations. Thanks! Greg
  • Prayer for the Voland’s:…Praise for..A favorable outcome for Pastor Willi last month in court; The FeG Kiel Community who continues to welcome us with open arms and hearts; A correct diagnosis for Trevor, Stephanie’s brother-in-law. He is thankful to have an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.  Pray for…GROW, a vitality program our church is working to implement which focuses on deepening relationships and producing more mature disciples of Christ. Please pray for this movement in our community!; Us as we discern our ministry roles with FeG Kiel. We are in conversation with church leadership about how we can best serve the needs and mission of the church; Our B2 language class which begins 10/30. We will study German 5 days/week for the next 3 months while the girls are in school! Pray for wisdom as we balance our ministry schedule, language school and family life; Culture Shock which has set in as we celebrate our 2 month mark! At the moment it feels like fatigue and disorientation. Pray that we can work through this normal process of grief/transition and support our kids, too; For each of our ministry partners who support and walk with us in faith as we serve God’s beloved together in Kiel!
  • Prayer for MacMath:..Language!! It’s amazing to me that I can be conversational and, yet, more frustrated than ever about my language skills. For as much as I know, I’m realizing how far I am from where I want to be. Please pray for patience, stamina, and a divine ability to absorb language!; Visa appointment. I have my visa appointment on the last day of this month, if you want to pray that goes well!; Daily things. With a less intensive language school schedule, I’ve been able to build more relationships and explore new things in the city. Some days feel busy, some days feel slow. I’m still figuring out the fall routine; Those with names – specifically A* and M,* the women that PE/IX works with, and others who don’t know the person of Jesus, or have been hurt by the church and other Christians.As always, drop me a line and let me know how I can also be in prayer for you! Praise for….PE/IX and small groups. This has been such a gift over the past month and I was so encouraged by the welcome of the girls in this group; A visit from my parents! Also, they brought the jeans that I left back in the States, so I finally have more than one pair to rotate through; Worship nights. Some American girls in another part of the city have started these prayer and worship nights that span a myriad of countries, backgrounds, and churches – the unity of these nights has been incredible; Tutoring. Have I mentioned how freeing and life giving it has felt to switch from an intensive language school to a tutor (for the time being)?; If you have praises, send them over! I’d love to celebrate alongside you!


10/12: Workshop 10 AM – 2 PM

10/14 – 28: Pastor Ken on Vacation

10/19: Sports and BBQ Outreach 11 AM

10/28: Leadership Meeting 7 PM

10/29: Staff Meeting 7 PM

11/2: Benefit for Love, Inc.

11/10: Mid-Year Meeting

11/23: Membership Class

11/24: Intergenerational Service and Thanksgiving Potluck

12/7: Membership Class


Office hours: By appointment.  To reserve a church classroom for a meeting, post an event for the church calendar, or to add an announcement to the weekly distribution, email Requests for announcement additions and prayer requests should be emailed by Thursday at 11:00 AM and may be edited for space.

“Our vision is to grow ever more deeply in our love for God–in our hearts, through our thoughts, and with our choices–as we abide in Christ and share God’s healing grace by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

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