Our Story

After three years of study, prayer, and development, Parkwood Community Church, An Evangelical Covenant Church was established in January 1996 to be a church which faithfully proclaims the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as described in the Old and the New Testaments within the context of the Asian American experience in the United States. The church’s mission is to reach un-churched and previously churched Asian Americans in the Chicagoland area to raise them to reach the world.

Parkwood was created in order to respond to two trends: the number of Asian Americans (i.e., Asians either born or raised in the United States, often referred to as “Second Generation” or “1.5 Generation”) who were entering adulthood in the metropolitan Chicago area, and the concurrent percentage of these Asian Americans who had either little or no exposure to Christianity or who ended up leaving the Church because they could not find a culturally relevant faith setting.

While the church’s mission focuses on Asian Americans, Parkwood also welcomes people from all races, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds.  We have many non-Asian Americans who participate in our Sunday morning worship, who serve in a variety of capacities, and who are members of the church.

Three elements shape, guide, and direct the ministry and the life of Parkwood.  First in both order and importance, the Basis of Faith of Parkwood Community Church, An Evangelical Covenant Church states the church’s basic theological commitments. Second, the Core Values of Parkwood Community Church, An Evangelical Covenant Church define the church’s philosophy of ministry and its ministry foci as it flows out of the Basis of Faith. Third, the affirmations and polity of the Evangelical Covenant Church serve as a further description of Parkwood’s theological commitments and define our relationship to the wider body of the Church Universal.

Parkwood purchased its first worship facility in Villa Park and began meeting at this facility in July 2008.  Our Sunday morning worship runs from10:30 am to 12:00 pm, with a corresponding program for children.  Currently, our Sunday attendance numbers approximately 80 adults and more than 50 children.