Christ Covenant Church E-Announcements for Thursday, 9/12/2019

This Sunday:

This Sunday Pastor Ken will be preaching on: “From Complaint to Celebration” Luke 15:1-10


Working with the Lead Pastor to choose songs for worship each Sunday—blending both contemporary and more traditional songs.  Leading and coordinating the accompaniment of songs with other musicians in the congregation, including the Youth Band.  Lead and coordinate the audio and visual portions of the Sunday Service. For more details contact Pastor Ken at:



The fall retreat is just weeks away.  Registration and payments are due this Sunday.  Scholarships are available.  Registration and payments can be submitted to Emmy.


The Kutzner meal train has begun.  Baby Gabriel has been with us for a few months now and we’d love to show them some support by preparing a meal.  If you would like to prepare a meal for them please sign-up at:


Membership classes will be starting soon.  Nine individuals have already expressed interest.  Why membership?  While the membership classes will go into a more detailed answer, we can say this:  First, all who are in Christ belong to the larger Body of Christ.  This is the “universal body.”  It remains for us to be a part of a ‘local body”—a local church.  Membership reflects a deeper commitment to this particular body—in good times and difficult times.  Membership allows for a greater voice and participation in the local body.  Only members are permitted to vote on matters important to our local congregation.  Only members can serve on the Leadership Community—the group of church leaders which seeks to discern God’s will for Christ Covenant Church and which seeks to follow through from discernment to action.  Membership contributes not only to our local body, it contributes to our local conference and our national body, as well.  Members are invited to participate in the decision-making process of our Central Conference by being a delegate to its annual meeting.  As well, members may participate in the decision-making process of the larger Evangelical Covenant Church by being an elected delegate to the national annual meeting.  The annual meeting of The ECC is our highest governing authority.  The number of delegates we are permitted to send to both of these annual meetings depends on the number of official members we have as a congregation. Prayerfully consider membership at Christ Covenant Church! Please see Pastor Ken if you are interested in joining the classes.


There will be a benefit performance for Love Inc on Saturday, November 2nd, at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church in Elmhurst, starting at 4:30.  It will be dinner and a show.  The evenings theme is “The Magic of Love,” featuring illusionist David Ranalli.  There will also be a silent auction.  Speaking of which:  we are looking for donations (products or services) for the silent auction.  Please see Pastor Ken if you would have any donations.  Thank you!


Submit prayer requests to Pastor Ken or to the office

  • Prayer for the Jao’s:…Friends, some requests for the month ahead as I travel: Sept, 8, 15, 22 (Wheaton, IL to preach at Wheaton Chinese Alliance Church); Sept. 24-25 (Madison for InterVarsity’s Executive Leadership Team meetings; and Oct 3-5 (Chicago for Langham Partnership’s Board Meetings). Praise for:…Grateful for the privilege to be at the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students World Assembly in South Africa the first two weeks of July. Learned so much from the leaders of over 160 nations. Thanks! Greg
  • Prayer for the Voland’s:…Praise for…Our home which is spacious with lots of natural lighting and is close to the girls’ schools, and a lovely river/park; Our landlord, L, who lives next door with his wife and 3 children. His children are close to our kids’ ages, and his son is in same Kindergarten class as Maddie! Pray for a friendship to form between our two families; The FeG Kiel Community who worked tirelessly to set up our home before we arrived, and who continue to help us as needed; Our language retention…Phillip and I feel more confident in the language than when we left in 2018! Recognizing we still have a way to go, we celebrate this answer to prayer and sign of God’s grace! Our next language course begins October 30; Joyful celebration’s…of 4 baptisms in the Baltic sea, for a new beginning in ministry, and for our children’s’ successful start in school. Pray for…Our girls to continue remembering their German and for continued language acquisition; The small group of Iranian refugees Phillip is attending, for relationship building; Stephanie as she looks into how to disciple the small group leaders; Us as we discern our ministry roles with FeG Kiel! We are in conversation with church leadership about how we can best serve the needs and mission of the church; Stephanie as she preaches on Sunday 9/15!; Pastor Willi who has an important legal appointment in September. Please pray he finds favor with the judge and the Spirit would give him wisdom and protection; Trevor, Stephanie’s brother-in-law who has been ill for a number of months with a mystery disease. Pray for his medical providers, that they would correctly diagnose and treat him. Pray for Stephanie’s sister, Christina, and their 6 children; Our ministry partners who support and walk with us in faith as we serve God’s beloved together in Kiel!
  • Prayer for MacMath:…Work, work, work, work, work. With a less intensive language schooclass, but there’s definitely more and I’m still asking questions about what that l schedule, I have more time to pray and pursue connections in the city and explore what specifically Jesus is doing/has for me here (especially things that get me practicing my German). Obviously, this includes starting the English class, but there’s definitely more and I’m still asking questions about what that might be; Culture shock is no joke. The 3-5 month mark was harder than I expected and I’ve been told things can feel both easier and harder, in different ways, between 6 months-1 year; Those with names – specifically A* and M,* and others that I’ve met, who don’t know the person of Jesus, or have been hurt by the church and other Christians; F • R • I • E • N • D • S • Continue to pray for a close friend, someone that really “gets” me, here in Frankfurt. As always, drop me a line and let me know how I can also be in prayer for you! Praise for….MY VISA APPOINTMENT. After months of back and forth – calling, emailing, and visiting the Ausländerbehörde, I finally got my visa appointment time in the mail. It should be easy for you to remember because it happens to be Halloween; Changing language schools. After talking with multiple people, we decided that switching to a less intensive language school would help give my mind some much needed space. It’ll also give me more time and energy to invest into life and relationships that start back up this fall; Mosaik-Nord building! After years of red tape, the Mosaik-Nord church (that I’m connected with/part of) is finally moving into a new space in September – with three other churches (a German church, an Afghani church, and a Korean church); KIA is back. The other church (Kirche in Aktion – see above) that I started attending (two weeks before their summer pause) is back! I’m excited and hopeful for the connections and opportunities here; Visits. It was such an encouragement to have a fellow overseas buddy visiting from East Africa for a few days. If you have praises, send them over! I’d love to celebrate alongside you!


9/17: Outreach Children’s Class 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

9/17: Staff Meeting 7:00 PM

9/24: Outreach Children’s Class 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

10/1: Outreach Children’s Class 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM

10/4 – 6: Fall Retreat

11/2: Benefit for Love, Inc.


Office hours: By appointment.  To reserve a church classroom for a meeting, post an event for the church calendar, or to add an announcement to the weekly distribution, email Requests for announcement additions and prayer requests should be emailed by Thursday at 11:00 AM and may be edited for space.

“Our vision is to grow ever more deeply in our love for God–in our hearts, through our thoughts, and with our choices–as we abide in Christ and share God’s healing grace by the power of the Holy Spirit.”