Welcome to God’s Garden, the Children’s Ministry at Christ Covenant Church. We treasure our children and are privileged to be a part of their spiritual formation.  Below are some core values that shape our ministry.

  1. Children’s ministry will be Scripture-based. We are committed to teach the Scriptures to our children in a relevant way so our children can apply them in their lives at home, at school and at Parkwood Community Church.
  2. Children’s ministry will be child-oriented. We are committed to making the Children’s Ministry fun, not boring. It is a place where children come because they want to, not because they have to. We want to teach innovative lessons according each child’s learning style, needs and capabilities, thus making learning a joyful process. Since children are not adults, we want to teach Scripture in a language they can understand and use.
  3. We are committed to safety in Christ Covenant Church Children’s Ministry. We seek to create a safe place for our children protecting them from physical, spiritual, and emotional harm during children’s time. We also seek to create a loving environment. We desire the children to experience unconditional love, as we lavish them with grace. We do not desire to shape their lives by rewarding them for performances which please us, but rather performances that please God.
  4. Our Children’s ministry will be excellent. Excellence does not mean that the Children’s Ministry will always have a polished outward appearance. Having excellence means that we are committed to serve faithfully in children’s ministry in order to bring honor to God and to grow in our personal relationship with Him. As a result of our commitment to God, we will serve our children better. This will create an excellent ministry as we build relationships with our children and develop education programs.
  5. Children’s ministry will be a community-wide ministry. It will not be just parents and a few Sunday school teachers who are involved. Although parents are the primary spiritual providers for their children, we believe that all adult members have a vital part in the spiritual formation of our children through modeling Christ-centered lives. Adult members become extended family, serving as spiritual uncles and aunts. Community-wide ministry also means that children are part of the community. They have valuable contributions to make to the adults at large. We are committed to growing hand-in-hand with our children.
Christ Covenant Church currently has several groupings for children during adult worship:
  1. Nursery (birth – 24 months)
  2. Sprouts (2 – 3 yr. olds)
  3. Buds (4 yr. olds)
  4. Blooms (K – 1st grade)
  5. Saplings (2nd – 3rd grade)
  6. Rooted in Christ (4th  –  5th grade)
  7. Growing in Christ (6th grade and up)

Contact Information

If you would like more information about any of our Children’s Ministries here at Christ Covenant Church, please contact our Children’s Ministry Director, Paul Mast Hewitt (children@christcovchurch.com).