Our Story & Our Mission

After three years of study, prayer, and development, Parkwood Community Church, an Evangelical Covenant Church, was established in May 1996 to be a church which faithfully proclaims the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as described in the Old and the New Testaments.

At that time, Parkwood’s mission was to reach out to and serve Asian Americans in the Chicago metropolitan area who either had little or no exposure to Christianity or who ended up leaving the Church because they could not find a culturally relevant faith setting.

Over the years, our calling, ministry and community have continued to grow, mature and evolve.  A recent milestone came when Parkwood partnered with our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church, in the Congregational Vitality Pathway (CVP) program in fall 2010 through spring 2012.

CVP was designed to help churches understand what it means to be healthy and missional and to encourage us to pursue our own health and missionality.  As a church, we developed a Relational Covenant that helps guide our interactions with one another in a God-honoring and loving way.

And, after much prayer and discernment, Parkwood formally adopted our new mission statement below at our 2012 Mid-Year Meeting.

Our Mission is….

To be an incarnational community that engages our neighbors and the world beyond with the ministry and message of Jesus Christ.