Gregory L. Jao

National Field Director: Northeast (New England, NY/NJ, and MidAtlantic)
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Currently, I serve as InterVarsity’s National Field Director for the Northeast — leading the ministries from Maine to Washington, D.C. which involved over 7,300 students in our core ministries and saw over 560 conversions last year through a team of 174 staff. I live in New York City with my wife, Jennifer, and two daughters (Madeleine (3) and Kirsten (1)). I was part of the team that helped plant Parkwood, and I served on the Church Council for 6 years. I’m grateful for Parkwood’s long-term support of my work with InterVarsity.

The university may be the most strategic mission field in the world. Today’s college students are tomorrow’s leaders: in government, in business, in culture-shaping institutions, in our neighborhoods, and in our churches. Imagine how the world could flourish and God be gloried in every area of life if every leader in the world were introduced to the Gospel during the most formative years of their life. Studies tell us that over 70% of all students enter the university looking for the answers to their spiritual questions.

InterVarsity establishes and advances witnessing communities of students and faculty at colleges and universities. We seek to see students and faculty transformed by the Gospel, campuses renewed, and world-changers developed. By training students as leaders and witnesses, we build fellowships which engage the university in all of its ethnic diversity with the Gospel — and we invest in the long-term health of local churches.

InterVarsity also serves the world mission of the church by sponsoring the Urbana Student Mission Conference, which has challenged over 250,000 students to consider their role in God’s global mission. I’ll be serving as the emcee for the next conference, Dec. 27-31, 2012.

I’d appreciate your prayers in three areas:

  1. We long to see students come to faith, and over the past few years, we have seen record numbers turn to Jesus. Pray as we follow up with those students and as we continue to proclaim the Gospel on campus.
  2. I have taken on a role with greater responsibilities, covering nearly 25% of all of our students. Would you pray for wisdom, stamina, and vision as I lead this larger team. (Would you also pray as I rebuild my financial support team over the next few years? I need to raise another $10,000 in new support.)
  3. Pray that Jennifer and I have wisdom as we balance family demands and work opportunities. I’m on the road nearly 12 weeks a year, and Jennifer travels 3-4 weeks a year as well.